We are the National Equal Rights Amendment Alliance, Inc.501c3

And we are counting on YOU to join us in the effort to Pass the Equal Rights Amendment in for YOU, for ALL Americans.

Easy, No-cost, and Quick Actions for you to take to boost ERA passage are listed at upcoming “ACT” page (check back, please!).  You Will Not Act alone--We assist YOU heartily ! Send up a flag to us by email, .SandyO@PassERA.org  we reply with assistance, in Solidarity.

We are one of the hundreds of Equal Rights Amendment organizations now committed to ERA ratification by just one more state of the USA. We believe we were the first, after the now-immobile but prescient ERA Campaign Network led by Dr. Jennifer Macleod, to re-ignite the ERA effort that has coasted since 1982.  ERA efforts were stalled by an incorrect belief that a time limit was invoked. It was not, is not, and we will prove that by our own recently co-created U.S. Congressional legislation.  Meanwhile, we very actively mentor the ten states routinely filing ERA ratification legislation.  September 2015, the Illinois legislature barely missed ratifying the ERA By TWO votes (Illinois has since ratified!); Virginia's legislature hears ERA ratification in all its Senate committees.  ERA is only stalled by the VA Assembly (a.k.a., House), so it will go before the full legislature when that happens.  We need one more state to ratify the ERA.  Then it goes to U.S. Congress to vote for ERA passage.

WE ARE:  Family-oriented, Non-Profit, Non-Partisan, Non-Sexist. Single-Issue, All religions, All ethnicities

No Big Bosses--everyone acts autonomously; No stunting bureaucracy; No heavy lifting; No one does anything they do not want to do. And, we Listen. 

Please check out our “Leaders” page under the "Who We Are” tab.

Our joyous goal is to engage all citizens of the State of Florida in the ratification effort. ERA works for all, reflecting the simple moral American value of equality, equal treatment for ALL.  THE U.S. CONSTITUTION CURRENTLY DOES NOT DO THAT. NOTHING Else does that.  The Right Time is RIGHT NOW — If Not NOW, then WHEN?

Begun in 2001 in an effort to achieve ratification by Florida's  legislature, we have since much broadened our scope as the National Equal Rights Amendment Alliance, Inc., a 501c3.  We now encompass more than 300, 000 supporters and gained the support of 340 organizations AND the energized expertise of more than 3400 very Active activists who speak out, speak UP for ERA passage in extraordinary Actions!  That's because all of us know that We, together, will get the ERA passed into the U.S. Constitution, that WE will Do this, ABSOLUTELY. 

 "We don't DO small things."  Connect with us at .SandyO@PassERA.org to link up, tell us about YOU, and to keep updated via our sporadic NATIONAL ERA NEWS UPDATES. 


Relocates to Tallahassee, our Florida capital, annually for the Legislative Session during March and April to lobby for the annually reintroduced Equal Rights Amendment bills. Speaking at the U.S. Capitol with hundreds of other ERA organizations; advocating ERA passage into the U.S. Congress by contacting, meeting with members.

The rest of the year, ERA Inc. manages the efforts of our ERA Regional ACTION Teams and others:

Holding seven  home garden sales/ year to pay our operating costs.  Thanking those who donate. Repeatedly applying for grant funding; replies, "Equality is contentious." Go figure..
· Providing the most current, accurate Equal Rights Amendment information available via our sporadic National ERA News Updates
· Updating databases of our Activists, ERA Action Teams, ERA supporting Organizations
· Tabling and speaking at Organizations' conventions and regional meetings
· Holding Equal Rights Amendment rallies

Submitting Letters to the Editors in newspapers nationwide when a mention of ERA is made.
· Speaking before 67 Florida County Legislative Hearings
· Creating legislators' and Congressmembers' profiles to Advocate for ERA hearings.  

Advocating for ERA hearings, ratification and passage of the ERA asap via scheduled legislator/Congressional visits; phone calls nationwide; via massive ERA email communications  and "postcard lobbying". 

Collaborating with and speaking before any and all organizations:
academic; civic; church; high schools; business; fraternal groups, and law schools
· Collecting Equal Rights Amendment Resolutions (please reference our upcoming ACT tab—check back please!) signed by leaders of organizations. 

Collecting contact information of individuals interested in receiving Updates and/or assisting in advocacy actions
· Obtaining Proclamations for Women's Equality Day (August 26) and Women's History Month (March) from an occasionally amenable Florida governor.  

Yes, we really do all these year-around, every year, for we know that persistence wins, combined with facts, honesty, sincerity, respect doubled-down.


Well, we certainly don't do it for money, status or power.  None of us is paid; we raise our own funding. We are beholden to nobody, no organization, political, or otherwise.  

We do it because ERA is desperately needed as the sole guarantee by the Law of the Land for sex-equal TREATMENT;  for adding girls and women to the Nation's contract with its all its people.  We do it all, for all,  Because We Care.

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