Resolution for the EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT (ERA). Your Leader is invited to Sign. The EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT reflects the fundamental moral American value of equal treatment for all. It benefits Society, the Economy & both Male and Female alike.

--Whereas, the ERA will guarantee equal treatment for ALL, does not regulate reproduction or same-sex, women in the military nor unisex restrooms, and provides unparalleled benefits to all, as well as America's Economy. Its GOAL is to make Sex Discrimination a Violation of U.S. Constitution and;

--Whereas, the ERA has never been terminated officially or unofficially, the ERA is deemed “still viable and timely” by respected legal scholars, by Congressional Research Service, and is now re-ignited because of passage of a 203- year-old different amendment; the shocking impact of the MeToo movement, and vast, powerful Women's Marches;

--Whereas, recently Florida is the only State to have earned a “Dishonorable Mention” in a comparison study of the status of WOMEN nationwide (citation: Womens Institute of Political Research);

--Whereas, ERA would encourage a realistic view of current issues, such as--

 For MEN, child custody awards; the draft; immigration, name changes; courts’ reviews of sex discrimination cases just as race, religion and national origin already receive, and;

For WOMEN, equal wages for equal work and for promotion opportunities; reviews of sex discrimination, sexual violence cases under courts' Strict Scrutiny; full personhood and self-determination and;

For FLORIDA and U.S. SOCIETY AT LARGE, lower divorce rates, stable communities, and growing economies with improved business images (as in other nations), firm potential for GDP growth of 15%, lowered public assistance disbursements, increased revenues; fewer expensive discrimination lawsuits (appreciated by the courts and taxpayers). PLUS, the ERA REQUIRES NO FUNDING, and; 

--Whereas, 37 other States have already thoroughly vetted and voted for the ERA, and are still awaiting the U.S. Congressional implementation of their mandates, and;

--Whereas, every constitution and charter created since World War II includes an equal rights clause at U.S. behest, yet the United States Constitution still does not, and;

--Whereas, 94% of citizens in an independent survey recently conducted determined that equal treatment under the law should be codified and that sex discrimination should be thus made a Violation of the U.S. Constitution;

--Whereas, the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and Laws, and Florida’s constitution have all proven unreliable before the courts as guarantees of sexual equality, and;

--Whereas, Floridians overwhelmingly backed the Florida State constitutional ERA in 1998, and Florida legislators voted it out of Senate Judiciary Committee in 2003, and April 2008, 8-3 bipartisan, and;

--Whereas, many Florida legislators of all Parties; the cities of Miami, Gulfport, Tarpon Springs, N. Redington Beach; 7 newspapers; 300 organizations with 300,000+ ERA supporters, and 49 Florida bill cosponsors have all endorsed our ERA effort as a worthy nonpartisan, nonprofit, nonsexist, single issue, and;  

--Whereas, ratification of the ERA would enhance the dignity of all Americans; reduce divorce and abortion rates noted in States with State ERAs; would act to propel society toward a more civilized America by unleashing the talents, energies of all people for the benefit of society-male and female alike-just as America's first Treasury Secretary, Alexander Hamilton envisioned and promoted as a major national economic thrust that should be encouraged by America's Administration, and;

--THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that this organization will Champion any legally viable means to add the Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution. The Equal Rights Amendment is hereby proclaimed by this body to be a just and natural implementation of American democratic justice.

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