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Ratifying just 3 more states to PASS the ERA guarantees SEX DISCRIMINATION as a violation of the US Constitution! With power like nothing Else, ERA could change the following mean facts about what women, girls endure every day. Men and boys benefit, too.

ERA Says: "Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex." (e.g.,sex-equal pay & rape as a real crime.)


! Honorable Mention in the U.S. Constitution. Women are not named in that contract with their nation, thus have no permanent guaranteed rights therein except the Vote. Males are mentioned 39 times. We don't begrudge them; work for their equal rights too)

! Fairness before the courts with case reviews using Strict Scrutiny, not the current Intermediate Scrutiny, less just, or reliable.
! Full rights to make important decisions about their own lives
! Equal representation in elected office

! Medical insurance coverage for reproductive healthcare
! Fair salaries and career advancement opportunities
! Necessary protection from sex-based violence
! Equal treatment by America's institutions of government, banking, insurance, education, medicine, commerce, sports, religion, military, and the law.

Via ERA passage, women's and girls’ full personhood and rights to self-determination will be guaranteed for the first time. The unreliable 1868, Men-Only 14th Amendment, and weak laws and state constitutions would be substituted for by the sturdier ERA. America's females could then be FREE to be the architect of their own live's trajectories. Everybody wins with ERA! Males face sex discrimination too, but females take the brunt (e.g., our young millennials now swamped in the Rape Culture). The sexes would be freed to contribute fully to U.S.A.'s growth.

WHAT YOU CAN DO Easily and at No Cost to advocate for ERA Passage. Choose from below; we

fully assist your ERA endeavors! Email us from our website, to get nationwide ERA News Updates about actions in many states & about the new US Congress ERA bill we co-created!

Email your Letter to the Editor in response to any mention of "women's rights". campus club. Or, call your legislator to urge action on ERA legislation (we assist you).

Ask us to speak on ERA etc. before your organizations or History/Government/PolySci class or

  • Or give an ERA talk yourself (we provide vetted talks and other assist).

Ask a group to send postal cards (cheaper than picture postcards) to legislators urging an ERA ratification Hearing. We can tell you how to do this "postal card lobbying".

Collect DONATIONS,any size, to help pay operational costs. We are all unpaid. Email for address.

Talk up ERA and why it’s still needed with your friends, send us their contact info. when they express interest in ERA, so we can link up warmly. The MORE the better. We believe in having FUN! With us, nobody does more than they want. You remain autonomous; no Big Bosses here; no Heavy Lifting; no Big Dues. Post a link to on your web site and on Facebook— ERA NEEDS PUBLICITY...many Thanks!

Please do CALL when we ALERT you to call your legislator. We give you their number and what to say, as you wish. Give our 3-minute talk (you get one as example) before your county’s state legislators or organization. A great experience, they all say. Or use it anywhere to inform your own groups. We encourage creativity, autonomy & FUN. Check our web site & Facebook, Twitter often for updates. Email us questions, Comments from Stay connected. THANKS! (c) All rights reserved. 2017 National Equal Rights Amendment Alliance, Inc. tweet: @sandyo;; Fbk: Pass The Equal Rights Amendment. Email us from our site.       © 2019             Facebook:  Twitter @SandyO